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So much comes to mind with this one word. I’m glad, too, knowing that loneliness is considered a primary threat today to our mental health and well-being. Connection quickly reminds me of the work of D.W. Winnicott. His research has shown that a parent’s ability to reflect, understand, and contain his or her child’s experience can lead a child to feeling safe and secure. Perhaps then connection can be thought of as the joining of experiences that include understanding, validation, empathy, compassion, gratitude, and so much more.  Let’s work together to make connection a habit for us all.


What is resilience and how can we get more of it? While some people appear naturally resilient, we know that there’s not just a few (genetically blessed) individuals out there just born with it. It’s cultivated through experiences and can be taught at any age. Resilience doesn’t eliminate life’s stressors, hardships, wounds, and challenges; it does, however, help us to bounce back and overcome stress, challenge, tragedy, trauma, or adversity by using our strengths and skills. When we are resilient, we are more able to extend our reach into the world with curiosity, bravery, and adaptability. And, resilience needs relationships (ah, there it is again…connection).


We cannot give something that we do not have. So, an important question is, how do we keep ourselves full? How can we be and feel ready for connection with others? Parents and educators are often asked to learn new information and use different strategies to support children. If they are on empty, the use of a strategy is likely to look different than intended. Let’s keep thinking about what well-being is and the factors that shape it so we can see as skills that can be developed and taught. Let’s also focus on keeping adults full and doing their best each moment with what they have; this can only help for the next moment.

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All change, learning, and healing happens in the contexts of relationships. Be ready for these moments.


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About Kristin Tenney-Blackwell, M.A., LLP, IMH-E

Hi, I’m Kristin, founder of Positive Pathways, LLC – a private therapy and consulting practice – and the creator of Paratus, which provides online resources, tools, and e-courses for being ready. I’m so glad you’re here.

For all of us, life is a whirlwind of experiences. From one moment to the next, we are pulled in a million directions by our responsibilities and to-do lists. But those demands don’t have to reign our lives– we can mindfully pause and make room for what’s most important.

I consider it a privilege to help create space for slowing down and offering support for meaningful change, healing, and identifying what it means to you to be and feel ready. Together, we’ll find new ways to foster well-being for yourself and those you care for, and craft meaningful interventions and approaches.

So help yourself to the ready resources here at Paratus – grab a free planner, spend time on an emotion-focused worksheet, or dive deep into my blogs. And if you need more support, I’m happy to connect with you individually. As a psychotherapist, I offer consultation and coaching to educators, parents, mental health consultants and others, as well as provide therapy for young children, adolescents, adults, and families. Together, we can work toward a more ready world for ourselves and the ones we love.

Connection as a Habit

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